REVIEW: The Queen's Resistance by Rebecca Ross

For those of you who don’t know, I was a member of Rebecca Ross’s Street Team to celebrate and advertise her then-upcoming novel The Queen’s Resistance. It’s out now! Here’s why you should pick it up:

The Queen’s Resistance follows Brienna and Cartier as they rebuild their lives after the war. Brienna is navigating Maevana whilst struggling with the lack of welcome from the people in her home. Cartier (now Morgane), MacQuinn, and the other Houses of Maevana are rebuilding the greatness of their Houses while Isolde, the new-but-not-yet-coronated queen struggles with finding a balance between the voice of her people and true justice against the Lannon family that was defeated in the war.

Getting excited about this book was so easy. On the day of its release, I drove to Barnes and Noble as soon as it was humanly possible for me to get it. I read it in less than three hours.

Despite my excitement, I was nervous about reading it, too. I struggle with liking sequels as much as the original, especially if I have to wait for the next book to be published, simply because I’m afraid that the writing style will have changed since the first book, or the author will have lost their touch and connection with the main character.

But I have to say, Rebecca Ross is a master at writing. Her dedication to her novels is inspiring. She dealt with the transition so beautifully that it was like reading an epilogue from The Queen’s Rising. She didn’t lose her touch in the slightest. I wasn’t surprised that she managed to write an entire 458 pages in about 24 days because she probably never stopped writing!

I continually went back and read specific sentences over and over again because they were written so wonderfully, which is something I’ve never really done before.

I rarely have fallen so deeply in love with a world and a cast of characters than I have with The Queen’s Rising and The Queen’s Resistance. Everything ebbs and flows with such elegance that it makes me question every word of the pages that I write.

Brienna and Cartier’s relationship is a huge part of the plot and I loved seeing it develop when they were in their home country. I deeply relate to Brienna, so seeing her relationship with both Cartier and MacQuinn, her adopted father, was truly fantastic.

Her growing friendship with Isolde was wonderful. I loved to see how much Isolde valued her opinion and took it into account with every decision she must make as the queen. Brienna handles most situations with grace and Isolde sees that, too.

But Brienna’s situation in the MacQuinn House was realistic, too; she wasn’t just welcomed with open arms into Maevana. Rather, she struggled to gain the trust of the people of MacQuinn’s house, something she worked on for the entire book as she tried to get the grievances of the workers.

Cartier’s point of view was so much fun to read because I loved getting in his head. Cartier wasn’t someone I was entirely comfortable with in The Queen’s Rising, but he really grew on me. Seeing him open his home to Ewan, in spite of who he was, was really sweet and possibly one of my favorite relationships within the book.

Despite their growing relationship, I felt like Cartier and Brienna weren’t truly connected after her kidnapping. I felt it was strange that they didn’t make an effort to see each other until Isolde’s coronation and honestly, it felt like a bit of a loss. However, their reconnection at Isolde’s coronation was very sweet and honest and realistic, traits that Rebecca Ross manages to hold throughout the entirety of her novel.

My favorite scene in the entire book is the end. It was so out of character for Cartier to barge in and declare his plan, but he did anyway. Brienna’s immediate reaction, to follow the tradition of her household in the form of the golden thread in the tapestry, just proved her dedication to the MacQuinn House. I claimed it as my own is probably one of the most satisfying ending sentences I have ever read.

Ultimately, the two points of view made the book equal to, if not better than, The Queen’s Rising. Rebecca Ross created an absolutely phenomenal duology! I can’t wait to read more of what she has to offer.

Thanks for reading! There are so many worlds to discover if you only take the time to do so.

Buy The Queen's Resistance by Rebecca Ross here.

Buy The Queen's Rising by Rebecca Ross here.

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