REVIEW: Lovely War by Julie Berry

Two love stories woven together by time told by Aphrodite to clear her name so she won't be questioned on Mount Olympus following her affair with Ares?? Need I say more??

Hello, hello! It's been awhile! I've been immersing myself in writing, reading new (and old) things, and attempting to make my first days of senior year as normal as possible. But I'm back to share Lovely War by Julie Berry because it's the first book in a loooooong time to thoroughly take my breath away.

Lovely War follows four mortals, Hazel, James, Colette, and Aubrey, as they balance "hope and heartbreak, prejudice and passion" in World War I. Their tale is woven by Aphrodite (with the help of Hades, Apollo, and Ares), who must spin a tale of true love or face judgment and condemnation on Mount Olympus.

And it is amazing. Olympian. Literary Perfection.

Honestly, I'm bummed I didn't think of it first, but I couldn't have captured it in the way Julie Berry does.

This book tackles serious topics (the long-last effects of brutal wars, prejudice, etc.) and isn't a silly romantic love story with little conversation outside of love. It deals with real topics in a real war, just told by men and women of legend.

Lovely War 's tale is unique and memorable, bright and serious. It's ever-changing narrative sucks you in. When you emerge, it'll take a moment to reorient yourself with your true surroundings. (To me, that's the best sign that the story was creative and the writing amplified it x100.) And you'll leave it feeling like you've been hit over the head.

If you're looking for a silly, harmless book that doesn't demand much, this isn't the one for you. But if you want a story that captures you and doesn't let you go (I read this book two months ago, and I still think about it constantly), Lovely War by Julie Berry should be your go-to.

If I had to give it a rating, I would say 5/5 stars. 100%. A+.


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